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chiro lives

“Live a Healthier, Happier Life”

Chiro Lives a Wellness Studio with a team of internationally-trained doctors & practitioners with experience in healing the root cause of disease.

Through these experience, we have developed a system of chiropractic that works for different types of bodies, people and ailments.

The Study of Chiropractic specializes in the spine, nervous system as well as the detection and correction of spinal joint misalignments.

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our speciality

Neck & Spine

Arthritis, Disc Herniations ("slipped disc"), Headaches, Neuropathy (nerve issues), Vertigo (dizziness)
How or why they happen:
malnourishment, weak muscles, tendons & ligaments, misaligned bones, overweight, underweight, hormone imbalances,

Stress & Pain

Fractures, deceased bone density, Emotional Stress (depression, feeling down, family obligations), Mental Stress (overworked)


After completing through chronic care it is important to maintain the health of the spine and nervous system with wellness care.


Our team of healers will work on your and your loved ones remotely and get to the root cause of your problems.


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